Allergen free stir fry.
Another super easy meal my whole family loves! Packed full of vegetables (some from our garden last summer), spices, herbs and local hormone and antibiotic free pork. It is possible to make a delicious and healthy stir fry without gluten or soy sauce. The kale I blanched and froze from our garden last year. The onions and garlic were also from our garden last year. They were hung up and stored in our pump house. So lots of vegetables you can actually save and keep over the winter.  I can’t talk about enough about trying to eat out of the garden all year long! Anyone can have a garden even if it is out of some pots on your balcony growing herbs and greens.  So if anyone is interested in gardening keep an eye out for my gardening tips!
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*all vegetables are organic. Do your best with this…no pressure 😉
  • Local antibiotic and hormone free pork. (Optional of course)
  • onion (1)
  • garlic (I used 5 cloves)
  • grated fresh ginger
  • red pepper (1)
  • Carrots 
  • broccoli 
  • cauliflower 
  • zucchini 
  • kale
  • turmeric
  • organic chia and flax seed powder
  • Herbamare  (Sea salt infused with organic herbs and vegetables).
  • Pepper
Once pork is cooked add the vegetable sea salt and pepper.
Then saute in onions, garlic and grated ginger.
Throw all the other veggies in!
Once vegetables are lightly cooked add organic brown rice into pan.  Serve and eat up! If you wanted to add a gluten free soy sauce to individual serving you can at this point but you don’t need to because there is so much flavoring from the veggies and herbs.


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