Disinfectant Essential Oil Blend

Who wants to know a safe, effective and refreshing blend of essential oils to use around your home?! I was first introduced to this blend about 12 years ago from a couple Aromatherapists who I worked with at the Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa. It smells amazing, it is so refreshing to use and it […]

Go Away Bug!-An aromatherapy blend I use on my children.

I would like to share another blend of essential oils I often use. My children don’t get sick very often and I believe this is because we eat well, get lots of rest and use essential oils! We get a couple mild colds a year so whenever they are feeling under the weather or even […]

Serenity, Peace and Calm-Aromatherapy Blend

Today I was asked what a beneficial blend of essential oils would be for overall peace and wellness. I would like to share a blend I often use which is very uplifting with a sense of serenity, peace and calm. Let the essential oils help you when you are having a more stressful and overwhelming day! […]

Emalee’s Health Story

Emalee’s dinner! I haven’t mentioned this before because I wanted to check with my step daughter Emalee to make sure she was comfortable with me sharing her health story. She is because she wants other kids to not feel sick and eat yummy tasty foods like she can. Going through this journey with her has […]