I would like to share another blend of essential oils I often use. My children don’t get sick very often and I believe this is because we eat well, get lots of rest and use essential oils! We get a couple mild colds a year so whenever they are feeling under the weather or even starting to feel off I have my essential oils going. I will use a diffuser as a preventive and when they are full on sick I use the humidifier. 
As a preventive:
In a diffuser mix with water
4 drops lavender 
4 drops bergamot 
4 drops eucalptus
Light a tea light candle underneath
When sick:
In a humidifier, I would use more oils as they are diffused more slowly and they would just need more at this point. I think the reason Emalee doesn’t have asthma anymore is because of the essential oils opening up her bronchi and work as an anti-inflammatory.  My other children have never had respiratory problems or had a cold turn into something worse, like pneumonia because the oils really help open up the lungs, clear the nose and let them get a more peaceful sleep.  I should mention I do rotate the essential oils I do use so no one becomes desensitized. Everything in moderation, right?!   
 I have listed some more information below about the essential oils of lavender, bergamot and eucalyptus.
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Bergamot essential oil is known for its calming, refreshing and uplifting qualities. Begamot can be helpful with eczema, acne, cold sores, psoriasis, wounds and oily skin. May help with digestion, urethritis, colds and flu due to its antibacterial, anti-infectious and expectorant properties. It is effective against anxiety, depression and other stress related conditions.

Contraindications: avoid during first trimester of pregnancy.


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Eucalyptus essential oil is highly antiseptic so it is a great oil to use with a cold or the flu. Asthma, bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis and throat infections. Good for poor circulation, rheumatoid arthritis and sprains. Aids with headaches, depression or feeling run down. Great to use in a humidifier or diffuser if your family is sick.

Contraindications:   DO NOT put around or near children’s nostrils as they can choke due to the cooling effect it has on the respiratory system. Toxic when taken internally. As little as 3.5 ml has been reported as fatal. DO not use on children under 5. Avoid during first trimester of pregnancy.



Lavender essential oil has so many day to day practical uses. It is one essential oil I don’t leave the house without! Lavender essential oil is very calming and is known to help with problem sleepers. Some properties of lavender essential oil are; cell regeneration, allergies, dry acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, boils, wounds, healing, insect bites, bee stings, sun burns and athletes foot. Aids sufferers with asthma, bronchitis laryngitis, whooping cough and infections. Calming, analgesic and balancing properties.

Contraindications: Avoid during the first trimester of pregnancy.

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