Argan Repairing Hair Oil

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Argan Repairing Hair Oil can be used on all hair types. Great for dry, damaged, split ends, hair growth, strengthening, shine, and reducing hair lose.

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Argan Repairing Hair Oil- Magic ingredients:

Argan Oil– Argan oil is proven to make silkier, shinier and softer hair. Great for split ends or frizzy damaged hair. High in fatty acids and vitamin. E.

Grape seed oil– Moisturizing and conditioning, reduces dandruff, dermatitis and hair loss. Is naturally strengthening for hair.

Avocado Oil– Contains high amounts of vitamin A, D, E and amino acids. Great humectant properties which means it retains and preserves moisture.

Coconut oil– Provides hair with proteins required for nourishing and healing damaged hair. High in antioxidants and vitamin E.

Jojoba Seed Oil– Hydrates, strengthens and softens hair. Can add volume to thinning hair. Jojoba is the closest oil organically to our own oils our scalp produces.

Essential Oils:

Lavender– Eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff,

Lemon– Thin hair, shine and increasing hair growth.

Tea Tree– Oily skin and dandruff.

Sandalwood– Eczema, oily skin, moisturizer.

Rosemary– Oily skin and dandruff. Helps strengthen and promotes hair growth. Aids in seborrhea.


*avoid during pregnancy.


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  • Argania spinosa (Argan) Seed Oil
  • Vitis vinifer (Grape) Seed Oil
  • Persea gratissima (Avocado) Seed Oil
  • Organic Cocas, nucifera (Coconut) Oil
  • Simmondsia chinesis (Jojoba) Seed Oil
  • Essential oils of:
  • Lavendula officinalis ( Lavender)
  • Citrus limonum (Lemon)
  • Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree)
  • Santalum album (Sandalwood)
  • Rosemarinus offinalis (Rosemary)


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2 reviews for Argan Repairing Hair Oil

  1. Shannon

    I love this new hair oil. I live in the north and the air is incredibly dry which makes my hair even drier. The argan repairing hair oil is amazing to help re-hydrate my hair. I only need a tiny bit of it, so the body will last a long time. I use it everytime I wash my hair. My only tip is only use a little bit, if you use too much it’ll make your hair oily.

  2. Jessica

    One of my favourite products! (Ok I say that with all her products, but it’s true!)

    This wonderful oil has not only helped with my own hair health and growth, but has been a miracle for my horse’s hair growth.

    Once I saw what it did for my own hair I thought why not try it on my poor “sweet-itch” suffering horse, who has never had a full tail of hair, in fact she usually has almost no hair on her tail at all. Not to mention the attitude she had from being itchy and sore all the time.

    No product or treatment has ever worked for her until this. She is calmer, more comfortable, less bitchy, itching less, and is able to grow hair again!

    Not only is it all natural with ingredients to help with hair health and growth, but skin health as well, not to mention natural bug repellent properties.

    If your horse suffers from sweet-itch or other insect sensitivities I highly recommend trying this product!

    (*This product is made for human use, not animals. This is merely my personal opinion and experience. Use on animals is at your own risk*)

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