Hello and welcome to my webpage! I am beyond excited to get started on my new journey and I hope you are excited to follow along!  I wanted to give you a little background info and my intention about having this website.
First of all I needed an online shop!  I want to be able to sell my products anywhere in Canada.  I want to have a professional, easy and relaxing way for my customers to look around. My ingredients are so important.   I want you to know what you are putting on your skin so the ingredients are going to be right there, front and center!
Second of all I wanted to have a blog! I’m so passionate about so many topics in my life and they are all connected to a healthy lifestyle. Really it is overall health and well being! To get back to the simple lifestyle. To live organically on all levels including being natural and real. So whether it be the ingredients you put on your skin, the food you put in your body or alternatives like aromatherapy which uses essential oils or Massage Therapy. I’ve always wanted to help people, to give and to make people’s life easier.
So this is my goal! To share my knowledge in healthy living physically, mentally,  emotionally and spiritually.
I promise to always be encouraging and positive. Please come back and check my blog for recipe ideas, vegetable garden tips, beauty and product information, aromatherapy and essential oil information.   I will help you take something from my posts to help you live a healthier life starting with what we put on our skin! Thank you! !

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